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Contact, Currency and Conversation: How yoga retreats can help you communicate

Conversation and contact is how we exchange the currency of energy to others.

Family, friends, or complete strangers, when you make a connection with someone whether it be through touch or word you exchange currency greater than anything monetary.

Sometimes the exchange can be life changing and make the individual start to look at the world in a different light. When you decide to come on a yoga retreat, you have decided to open the doors to not only have a deeper conversation with yourself but with others which can lead to an exchange of currency you can share to everyoneand everything around you once you leave the retreat.

β€œContact is currency, make contact to start a conversation.”

Abbie Galvin

Creating currency

Participating in a retreat can be the doorway into your future, but as with most doors, you need to take a step back before taking a step forward when opening it.

You have the opportunity to have a conversation with yourself and reflect on your normal habits and routines to see if they are still providing for you.

The yoga poses themselves create currency with the constant circulation of breath, creating currents of energy that are continually flowing through your body, creating conversation.

When given the opportunity to have this conversation within yourself, it leads to more rewarding conversations with others around you. When you are taken out of your normal everyday life and put into a place of the unknown it can lead to a world of exploration and growth.

You begin to feel emotions you have suppressed and begin to let go of weights you have been holding on to.
While you are growing within yourself, you are able to bond with other members of the retreat from a place
of love, compassion and are able to lean on each other when stability is needed.

Once you are able to provide stability and structure to others on the retreat, then the true goal is to take that out into the real world with the same grace and assurance to help the ones around you.

The contact and currency exchanged between you and your fellow members on the retreat help to create a container. When you were younger did you have a jar you would put pennies, nickels, dimes into? Whatever was left in your pocket would be put in the jar.

Sometimes it was small but that small amount took up the proper amount of space to help provide fulfillment to the jar. Then when the jar was completely full, you were able to take that jar and go out into the world.

When you decide to come on a yoga retreat, you are doing the same thing with the other members of the retreat.
When you first arrive you have a completely empty jar, a container, but over the span of the retreat you
begin to fill up this container with whatever each individual wants to put in.

It could be a little, it could be alot, but it is all beneficial in filling up the container. After the retreat has concluded and the container is full you have the opportunity to share this container by bringing happiness into people’s

When you start to provide happiness into people’s lives you begin to truly understand that the only currency that matters is the exchange of contact and conversation through love and compassion.

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