Home Practice

Having a home practice becomes a very sacred thing. It becomes your rock, your stability, your anchor. The home practice becomes the table you sit at every morning for your coffee or tea. A place for imagining how your day is going to unfold, where you are able to fill up your cup with the movements in your asana and start your routine for the day.

Repetition breeds insight, and routine helps you to become engaged within your body. The more you do something, the more results you will see. Repetitiveness keeps you on a scheduled path, creating one routine leads to more helping you schedule your time more wisely.

Your home practice does not need to take hours, you play with the time that is presented to you for that day. If you only have five minutes, make those five minutes count. When creating a home practice it is always nice to start slow, then build up from there. Playing with time teaches you how to use time to your advantage, creating empowerment and openness in your imagination.

Home practice gives you a sense of creativity.

To open up your imagination, understanding where you are in your space for that moment in time. As you go through the poses, certain pivotal moments in your life may come to the surface, sit with those, try to understand why those are coming up and work with them. Use this new found creativity within your home practice to create a space that works for you!

Light candles, use different scents, create an environment that helps you to reach your peak within the space. Again, this is for you to discover yourself through practice, it’s a time to go in and see where you are.

Your home practice becomes a part of you, the truest reflection of yourself. It becomes your stability, your home. The place where you play with time and let the creativeness out that has been sitting inside you. Finding the movements that work for you to help you understand where you are within your body, your breath and ultimately your mind

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