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Southern Godess Retreat

Wellbeing retreat immersed in Egypt's southern region & temples

Personal power and transformation

Discover the power of ancient godess

Our Southern Godess retreat has been designed to explore the powers and healing of ancient southern godesses Nefertari and Isis. 

How to implement the elements of your authentic self, into your every day life. The Retreat allows time for self-contemplating, to stop the busyness of mind, formulate clear thoughts and make space for your souls voice to come through and inspire.


Dates for our Southern Goddess retreats in 2024 coming soon.

8 days, 7 nights

Southern Godess Retreat

Our Southern Godess Retreat has been designed for women to come together and share a safe space for creating the Life you want to Live. Implement the elements of your authentic self into your every day life. Our retreat allows time for self-contemplating, to stop the busyness of mind, formulate clear thoughts and make space for your souls voice to come through and inspire.


  • Daily yoga classes, meditation classes, breathwork sessions, workshops, women's circle

  • Nubian Dinner and dancing with women of Nuba

  • Connect with ancient energies from rural Nubian communities

  • Feel the power of Egypts ancient godesses 

  • Explore the temple of godess Nefitari

  • Including brunch, dinner, hotel accomodation and transfers

A wonderful retreat embracing the soul

By combining various holistic modalities, both physical and energetically we arrive at a space where weare connected to source where all the magic happens. Throughout this journey, we are shedding negative beliefs, clearing any emotional blockages, ridding ourselves of what no longer serves us. The space that it then created is then open to the various possibilities we will cover during the retreat, how to revive your authentic self and carry these practices into your daily life.

Carefully put together for you

  • Yoga practice & Meditation are the perfect duo to get our minds & bodies to a place where we are connected to ourselves.
  • Breathwork allows us to look deeper inside and embrace what we feel is our authentic self, what brings us joy and what radiates within us.
  • With the help of workshops on “creating your daily ritual” & “self care” we present tools that you can incorporate into your life, allowing you to always have a holding focus of living the life you want to live!
  • While working on the physical body it is just as import to work with our energetic body.
  • We offer avariety of healing therapies from massage, reiki, holistic healing to EFT, that put a focus on clearing and then aligning our energy body.

After this week long retreat of practice, therapies and reflection, you will definitely start to feel the benefits of taking time out and how with even a little focus on self, our lives can be turned around.

Why is this retreat suited for you?

  • Exploring Southern temples of Egypt

  • Experienced practitioners and inspiring teachers

  • Yoga sessions in inspiring breathtaking locations

  • Experience the powerful astronomical portal of life & rebirth at the the Dendara Temple. 

Your journey in detail

 Let us know your arrival details and we will arrange an airport transfer to the hotel for you.

In the evening we will gather together for our first session in the grounds of the beautiful el Moudira Hotel.

Dinner & Overnight in Luxor.  

Early am Yoga & Meditation Session in the gardens of the Hotel followed by breakfast.

Check out and transfer to Aswan, approx 3hrs drive.

Check-into the hotel Nub Inn with welcome snacks & refreshments.

Sunset guided exploration of surrounding nature & connecting with ancient energies from rural community and share a Nubian Dinner and dancing with the women of Nuba.

Overnight Nub Inn.

Early am Yoga & Breathwork Session.

After breakfast at the Inn, we head to Philae Temple to tune into the wisdom of Isis, the goddess of magic, healing & rebirth.

We hear of the ancient folklore of Isis and her husband Osiris & son Horus.

Once we have discovered the ancient relevance of this area, soak in the energy and lasting power that exudes, we head to the natural beauty of Heissa Island.

It is here that can we take the time to sit in meditation and allow for the magic of Isis to bring up the topic of  women embracement of their inner soul.

We enjoy a fresh traditional lunch on the Island and after some relaxation time, reactivate and stimulate the body with a yoga flow session, marking the relation between Isis - Love  and Hathor - fluidity, Essences that are true to the Soul of Nubia. 

Return to the Inn for dinner. 

Evening circle. Overnight in Nub Inn Hotel.  

Early breakfast at the Nub Inn hotel , check out the the hotel and we start to overland transfer to Abu Simbel. 

This is a 4hrs journey across the desert plain.

Abu Simbel is renowned for the impressive Ramses II statues and it's creation in alignment with the sun.

Once arrived at Abu Simbel we check into the Eco Lodge and enjoy a light lunch.

We then take a walk into the impressive site and connect to this grounding root source.

After exploring the main temple we head to the small temple of Nefitari, a goddess renowned for her beauty and feminine power.

Here we take a moment to absorb the magnitude of such power and influence that women has played in ancient times.

Workshop at the Eco Lodge followed by a gentle restorative yoga session.

Dinner & overnight in Nubian Ecolodge. 

Morning Yoga and breathwork session the garden of the lodge activating and connecting.

Enjoy breakfast before we come together again for a workshop on authenticity and inner self. 

We head into Abu Simbel to a remote area away from the crowd to sit in contemplation. 

Dinner and Overnight in Nubian Eco Lodge

Morning Yoga session with a focus of fluidity and flow.
After breakfast we hit the road again to make our way back to Aswan, with a visit to Wadi el Sebou on lake Nasser where we will take a moment for a guided meditation in nature.
Picnic lunch on the banks of the lake.
Arriving in Aswan we check back into the Inn.
Dinner and Overnight in Aswan Lodge. 

After a gentle yoga session, enjoy a leisurely breakfast before starting our journey past Luxor to Dendara Temple, the astronomical portal of life & rebirth.

It is here where we accumulate, all that has transformed throughout the journey, after digging deep into the root, playing with the sacral and reaching the solar, center of personal power and transformation.

Workshop & Meditation on location. 

Return to Luxor.

Dinner & overnight in Luxor Hotel.  

Enjoy a leisurely and final breakfast together as we consummate the journey with a beautiful ritual ceremony.

Enjoy the rest of the day til departure transfer. 


What is included in your Southern Godess Retreat?

  • 7 nights hotel accomodation in iconic authentic hotesl and lodges - shared twin rooms.

  • Breakfast & dinner - unless otherwise stated 

  • Yoga teacher, practitioner and host throughout

  • 8 yoga sessions

  • 2 breathwork sessions

  • 5 workshops

  • 4 meditation sessions

  • local crew and 'family'

  • English speaking Egyptologists at all sites

  • All transportation during the journey

Choose what's right for you

Complimenting therapies and sessions

- 01​

Massage therapy

We offer a variety of therapies such as deep tissue, reflexology, Indian head massage, aryuvedic and relaxing massages.

- 02

Aerial yoga

In an Aeriel Yoga class, you’ll explore new and traditional yoga asanas with your body weight partially or fully supported. 

- 03

Body Sculpt

Body Sculpt classes tone and sculpt your entire body using a mix of cardio and strengthening exercises, weights and resistance bands.

- 04

Sufi Whirling

Sufi Whirling is a holistic islamic belief in connection with God or universe. Through smooth whirling a trance state is achieved that is believed to assit in true connection.

- 05


Meditation slows down and eventually completely stops the incessant activity of the mind for relaxation and more energy.

- 06


Reiki session work with your life force energy and help to alingh andrelease any negative blockages. Reiki is Japanesse for Rei - universal and Ki - life force energy. 

- 07

Sadhana Meditation

Early am Sadhana meditation is the ultimate way to start your day. Meditating while a recited prayer flow sin the background is blissful. 

- 08

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is considered the most comprehensive of yoga traditions, combining meditation, mantra, physical exercises and breathing techniques.

- 09

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an integration of physical postures, breathing techniques, and focused intentions. The word ‘qi-gong’ is comprised of two characters, ‘qi’  energy, and ‘gong’ effort.

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