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Advantages of Private Sessions and Adding Value With 1:1 Sessions

Imagine you were handed an instrument you never played before and asked to join in anorchestra.

Looking at the instrument with total confusion you would probably start to feel embarrassed, frustrated or you may just put the instrument down and walk away.

For some people, this is what it can feel like starting down the path of yoga and walking into a yoga class.

Not only are you not familiar with the class or the teacher, but you are not familiar with your instrument and how to play it to get the most out of it.

Now suppose before you joined the orchestra you had a teacher who helped you learn how to play and fine tune your instrument. You would feel more confident, powerful and more excited to play your instrument.

Private sessions can provide you this opportunity by refining and reforming your personal techniques by integrating you within your physical body, to help you understand where you are within your internal life. Private sessions afford the opportunity to become more involved in the yoga practice with personal attention you would otherwise not receive in a standard class setting.

β€œIt’s very hard to play music if you don’t know how to tune your instrument”

Nevine Michaan

We often do poses from a space of the unknown, where we saw someone randomly do it in a class or on an Instagram post.

Private sessions provide you the opportunity to not only understand the poses properly, but help to bring out the best not only in you but also in the teacher. The goal of the teacher is to slowly understand your reflection, your habits and iron out those habits that do not serve you by cultivating new ones through proper technique.

It also restores the power back into your hands by giving you the opportunity to ask questions, open up with teachers and become more empowered by using your yoga practice to potentiate a good life.

Watching your old habits fade away is an empowering feeling, but being able to watch and adjust an individual iron out theirs can be a transformative experience as well.

When learning an instrument it is always best to watch how others play theirs because it helps you develop your own personal style.

Picking up tips, tricks and understanding their foibles to make you more aware within yourself. Having a 2:1 private session lets you see the reflection of the pose through someone else, stimulating your mind, leading to better recall of the poses in the future.

You are able to watch the individual transform within their body while listening to the teacher correct the issues in real time

.If you have desires of teaching in the future, this provides a great opportunity to learn to adjust others as they practice.

It is one thing for you to watch someone being adjusted, but being able to adjust someone else in a safe private setting helps to open your practice even more.

Yoga poses are meant to reorient us towards a true understanding of self and build a deep trust in the foundations of our being. When done properly, the poses themselves bring us insight and well-being.

Private sessions and 2:1 sessions provide you the chance to truly learn how to play your instrument properly with confidence, grace, and power knowing that when you decide to join the orchestra you will not skip a beat.

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