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The translation in English of the Arabic name Nour means Light – embodied in our logo featuring a gold heart, white star & crescent moon held with golden wings, which symbolises the folds of a whirling Sufi skirt. The logo is the epitome of NOUR Wellbeing, a symbol that promotes purity and harmony, offering a guiding light towards the inward search for the divine.

NOUR Wellbeing’s mission is to bring awareness and light to the heart and soul through the sacred practice of yoga and meditation whilst offering a selected range of holistic therapies and treatments to enhance balance and bring mind, body and soul into harmony.  

Love and Light!

Ema Louise
Founder of NOUR
About NOUR Wellbeing

A few words on why ​


NOUR Wellbeing Center in Dahab, was born in 2014 after many years of hosting Wellbeing Holiday’s & Retreats at our quaint beach front hotel in Dahab and facilitating Desert Quests & Explorative Journey’s for our International clients.

Nour Wellbeing is the organic realisation that by holding space with an open heart, we can collectively bring on life changing experiences that enhance the lives of anyone who is open to receive. 

It was in 2014, just a few years after the revolution in Egypt where the ground rocked below the feet of every Egyptian, when all settled into the new norm, a new earth had arisen figuratively and more significantly energetically.

In keeping with our ethos “Light”, whatever we offer & influence will be for positive reinforcement, positive change and for an overall wellbeing in mind, body and most importantly the soul.

Our message from NOUR is clear, we are a “center” of influence, enabling a path to inner awakening, connection: whether that be on a spiritual level or on lifestyle choices.

Our role at NOUR is to be a stepping stone in  life’s journey, guiding the initial steps of seeking a healthy lifestyle, wellness in being and opening the mind to the bigger picture for the everyday person.

We encourage people to look inward, to stop & listen to their minds & bodies and to live the life of their souls intention. We offer the space to be free to be who they are, a safe haven for sharing & questioning and with our guidance offering answers that will enhance & encourage personal growth.  

Your Wellbeing Centre in Dahab



Enjoy the beautiful relaxing vibes of South Sinai


Venues, hotel, restaurant, beach bar all in one location


The most amazing teachers and practitioners


Many opportunities to discover the beauty of the Sinai


We have 20+ years experience in wellbeing and lifestyle programmes

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