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Walking The Tightrope: How Yoga And A Yogic Lifestyle Can Change Your Life

For many of us life feels like a tight rope walk, not being able to find the balance within ourselves.

Leaning to the left, or right, sometimes being too scared to even move forward and just looking down at our feet.

Feeling the stresses and tension of everyday life, nowadays maybe more than ever. Finding escapism on a screen and judging our own lives based on what we see others doing by creating narratives in our minds to help ease the stresses of reality.

Always wanting to walk across that tightrope with stillness and balance leading us towards the integration within the self and enhancement of our authentic connection to others.

Taking steps forward in yoga and cultivating a yogic lifestyle can help you to put one foot in front of the other with grace and power helping you realize that what you are seeking has always been inside you.

The Trinity of Yoga

The trinity of yoga is the mind, the body and the breath.

The breath becomes the thread for the body and the mind, tying it all together. Without the breath you feel as though your body is somehow split from your mind.

Feelings of disembodiment come from a lack of connection between the trinity, but the practice of yoga helps to weave the breath into cohesiveness with time.

Time and breath may be the two things in particular that we as humans take for granted until we need them the most, but yoga teaches us how to use them to our advantage.

When you understand how to control your time and

breath within yoga, you begin to find space and time within your body. Finding space in your joints and reforming your body to create a body that will hold up and last even as you begin to age. When your breath is able to settle your body it leads to the expansion within your mind and imagination, leading you to what students describe as time slowing down.

Where you find stillness and balance even as the world is spinning around you, learning that what you were searching for was always inside you. Learning how to find this takes time and effort but what you learn in yoga carries over to our everyday lives because they are a direct reflection of one another.

“Yoga is not about being kind and loving, yoga is about being powerful. Enacting kindness and love is a powerful choice.”

Alex Sherry

The human experience is a winding and twisting road; taking you around barriers and through inclement weather. In order to get to where you want to go, yoga can help you navigate this road by providing you with the power, safety and confidence to go from point A to B and lead you to the joyousness you are looking for.

Cultivating a yogic lifestyle takes work, but the most joyful people are the ones that work for it. Being joyful and happy is something that is developed through time, with technique, effort and learning about yourself in the process.

How you engage with yourself internally is one of the big reasons why cultivating a yogic lifestyle can be so beneficial to your everyday life. You are able to understand yourself on a deeper level so that when you traverse through the world, you can look at your situation from a new viewpoint.

When you begin to change your viewpoint, you begin to change your outlook on life. Following down the path of yoga, you begin to imagine the tightrope of life not as a rope at all, but rather the thread of breath connecting your mind and body.

You begin to notice as you inhale and exhale that this thread becomes part of you, weaving around your body through space and time, creating stillness and balance as you walk.

How the wrappings of this thread lead you forward with grace and effort, understanding that through this practice and lifestyle of yoga you have cultivated, reverberation from your thread ripple out to others around you and also reflects back in.

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